About Sumfeel

SADA Sumfeel

SUMFEEL" is the core element or philosophy of SADA Sumfeel is the practical study and understanding of feeling such as aggression, moderate & defensive from various songs. It allows you to roam in some kind of mystical inner world of yourselves. In short sumfeel is the proper brand new way of meditation. Sumit lekhari is a creator and developer of this technique, and later he framed it in proper dance technique. Function's of SUMFEEL 1. It gives you deep understanding of songs depth. 2. It will allow you to correct your soul to the feeling of song. 3. Sumfeel is the way of expression. 4. It is the way of love and fight. 5. It is the way to convey your massage to society. 6. It is a zero hour - total meditation.


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