SADA is an institution of Dance & Art is all about implementation & execution of genuine, authentic, constructive & creative ideas. We are devoted to the art and function on 3 valuable elements:-

  • Passion: For the life and up & downs.
  • Soul: Enthusiastic & Strong sentimental.
  • Technique: Proper Mental & physical regime.  

We are rebelling by nature and belligerent by the attitude. As in the form of institution, foundation or a system for the dance & arts, we are determined to break prejudice, mindset or bias preconceptions in the society.

Our philosophy is based on 4 productive & practical pillars:-

  • Approach:  Idea is to provide proper training according to student His/her capability & nature.
  • Foundation: An acute/intense training of beats & theoretical knowledge of physical moves. Focuses on various techniques orthodox neo contemporary, western & folk.
  • Physical attribute: we focus on the exquisite programme of physical principle. 
  • Discipline: Discipline is the major focal point of our values & philosophy. “Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishment.”

"An institute for dance & arts, that is engaged in providing striking & magnificent artistic training in the dance. The company is known as SADA ."

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